The Mooring

Lee family reunion

Robinson 'Skipper' Lee and his wife Rebecca arranged lunch at their farm in the woods. The three branches of the Lee family are present: American, British and French. This took place on Sunday 25th June but everyone met first on Saturday 24th at the 'Mad Minnow' in Harwich Cape Cod.

ZLee family at the 'Mad Minnow'.

Lee family at the 'Mad Minnow'.

Skipper's and Rebecca's farm house.

Lee family lunch at Harwich Port

Lance Lee arranged the lunch for those attending the reunio: Americans from Cape Cod, Maine, Washington DC and Washington state, Virginia,Texas;French Lees and English Lees.

Cape Cod Lee family lunch.

Lee family lunch Harwich.


Visited Htham, an attractive town on the edge of the National Seashore. Went for woodland walk near the town and on to the Chathamlighthouse, overlooking the Chatham Bars:  sandbanks dangerous to shipping in bad weather.

Chatham Bars Inn

Provincetown on the National Seashore

Started the day with a swim in the sea behind 'The Mooring'. Sarah and I drove to Provincetown, near the end of the Lower Cape. Climbed the tower completed in 1920 to mark the first landing of the Pilgrim Faters in 1620.

Went on to visit the site of the Marconi Wireless Telegraphy station. The first Wireless message sent across the Atlantic, was a message from President  Theodore Roosevelt here nd King Edward V11 at Poldhu in Cornwall. We went next to the National Seashore Visitor Centre.


Marconi at the Cape Od National Seashore.

Arcing Maritime Cennter The

Swam again in the sea behind The Mmooring. Then visited the Marconi Maritime Centre. This was a Marconi Wireless Station but taken over by RCA in 1919. The US Navy utilised it for tracking U  Boats during World War 2.

Walked around Crow's Pond and Ryder's Bay, Chatham.

Marconi Maritime Centre Cape Cod

Chatham Cape Cod: Crow's Pond

Lee reunion: Nathanial Lee's family tree.