19. Jul, 2017

The Alamo 1836

After Mexico won independence from Spain Americans were encouraged to settle in sparsely populated Texas. All went welll so long as Mexico was governed by the Federalists: the provinces being largely left to run their own affairs. However, withe rise to power or the reactionary centralises, Texans were subject to the military dictatorship of General Santa Ana. This led to revolt but the Texan leader Sam Houston needed time to prepare a disciplined armY.


Santa Ana marched his centralist forces north to crush the rebellion. Volunteers, notably the Tennessee horse led by Davy Crockett were experienced marksmen and constituted a serious obstacle. Their commander, William Travis, had cannon mountedateach cornerofthe outerwall. After a 12 salty sige, on6th March1836, Santa Ana started a frontal assault and overcame th defender. All were killed.


Santa Ana then moved north butwas defeated by Houston at the batttle ofSan Macintosh.  Texas thus gained independence  an laterjoined the Union.