<p><span style="font-size: 14px;">Flew in from Santorini Sunday 29th July. Stayed at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma Square.&nbsp;</span></p> <p>Winston Churchill came here with Anthony Eden on 28th December 1944. He stayed at the Grande Bretagne ; British military HQ since the recent departure of the Germans. Churchill and Eden came to broker a peace between the Georgees Papandreau Roylist Government and the Communigfst ELAS forces, However, talks broke down and most. &nbsp;of the city fell iinto ELAS hands, As ELAS forces converged on the &nbsp;city, Churchill took the decision to commit the British Army to fight on the Government side. Under the command of General Scobie, British and loyal troops inflicted a decisiv defeat on ELAS forces.</p>

Churchill room at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens

Grande Bretagne from Syntagma Square


New Acropolis Museum

Caryatids at the New Acropolis Museum

Agamemnon National Archaeological Museum

Akrotiri frescoes

The Boxers: Akrotiri Frescoes

Athens from Lycabettus Hill

Temple of Olympian Zeus and the National Garden