Lake Titicaca at Puno


* Puno

* Lake Titicaca

* Cuzco and The Sacred Valley

* Maras, Moray and Oliantaytaambo

* Inca Trail

* Macchu Pichu

* Cuzco

* Lima

Puno to Cusco train

Train through the Andes to Cusco.

Sacred Valley: Inkaterra Hacienda Hotel

Sacred Valley

21st September

There has been considerable archaeological activity in the Sacred Valley. Two particularly important are the NASA’s and Moray agricultural terraces, and the Ollantaytambo religious site and dwellings. There are slap salt mines.


Inca Trail

Started by catching train  at Ollyantaytamboand leaving at KM104 point: Sarah continuing tithe Machu Picchu station.

To take the trail you must book at least six months in advance and either employ a guide or join a tour group. My guide Alberto and I set off at 8.30 am. The first three hours were the toughest as we laboured up the mountainside, tackling the steep Inca steps and keeping away from the precipice. The pathways often extremely narrow. Walkers were mostly young people from across the globe. At one point I was given a round of applause by a group of young Spaniards: making me feel my age. Sadly, quite a number of people gave up and returned to the start point.

Looking across the mountainside, I began to doubt my ability to reach the finishing line. However, at long las I reached the Long line of steps at the summit of one of the mountains. This was the Sun Gate. Originally, an Inca outpost guarding the pathway down to Machu Pichu. Walking through it I got my first  breathtaking view of the die. Proceeding downwards I could hardly  believe that Ihad completed the  Inca Trail.

Start of the trail.

On the way up.

And up.

Path getting even narrowe.

Entering through the Sun Gate.

And then the view of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

Tuesday  23rd September. Sarah, our guide Alberto and I visit the ruins.

Sarah at the man temple of the mth Septemberain temple at Machu Picchu.


Wednesdaay 24th September. Cusco was the Inca  capital until it fell to Francisco Pizarro in 1532. Our hotel was his residence. The Spanish built many religious buildings and the city remains Peru’smain religious centre.

Altitude is 3,999 and the hotels retaieergeny oxygeg n sup plies for those suffering from alatitude sickness.


Overlooking Cusco.

Cusco Cathedral

Palacio Del Inkatha: our hotel and formerly residence of Francisco Pixxaro.

Inca wall on Palacio Del Inka.

Lima Cathedral in the Place de Armies.'

Villa Barranco