Francisco Pizzaroounded what would become the Spanish

Courtyard of Allegai house in Lima.


Francisco Pizarro led an expedition against the Inka’s in 1532. He defeated 6 thousand Inka’s with only 167 men, capturing the Inka emperor Atahualpa, in 1532, Pizarro went on to capture the Inka capital at Cusco, thereby over-coming the Inka empire. In 1535 Pizarro founded what would become the Spanish capital of Peru, at Lima?

Geronimo Allegai served under Pizarro at the at his victory over the Inka at Cajamarca in 1532. Allegai built a house in Lima. Eighteen generations later his family still own it. It is now a museum. Allegai’s sword, as used against the Inka, is on display in the house.

Geronimo Allegai Conquistador Lima.